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Churchill's Finest Reserve Port

750ml Bottle


    Churchill Graham Lda
    20% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Churchill's Finest Reserve Port Wine is a house blend of premium wines produced from the same top-grade "A" vineyards from which Churchill's Vintage Ports have sourced. It retains the structure and fresh fruit of a young vintage but has been softened by its age in wood and filtration before bottling.

    This Finest Reserve Porto has a bright, full ruby color with violet tones. On the nose, very distinctive with fresh blueberries and hints of eucalyptus and gum cistus, a very vibrant young Port with plenty of natural acidities and balance and pedigree denoting its grade "A" vineyard origins.

    This delicious Porto served on its own but also excellent with fruit or chocolate desserts and soft cheeses. Serve it straight from the bottle at high cellar temperature (14-15ºC). Once opened, it will keep well for up to one month. Enjoy!

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