Cheurlin Rose de Saignee

750ml Bottle

Champagne | Rose

    Cheurlin Champagne
    12% Alcohol

    Cheurlin Rose de Saignee is a lovely Champagne Rose, bright and aromatic, smooth, and delectable. It is as famous for its taste as for its vivid color. The best quality roses are of the Old World "de Saignee" method, made by "bleeding" off the juices instead of the less demanding method of merely adding red wine to white. This purely Pinot Noir champagne has been aged for 30 months. It is bright, delightful and will add a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

    This Rose de Saignee Champagne has a sparkling peach color with bright amber highlights. Intricate aromas arouse the nose with hints of red and stone fruits. It is pleasing with refined red berry and sprinkle of roses. The palate has ripe red fruit with candy-like nuance with a delicate, medium-bodied aftertaste. The fruity sweetness attacks the palate with a beautiful vivacity ending in a clean finish.

    Cheurlin Rose de Saignee has bottled at 12% alcohol by volume. It is perfect with virtually any warm-climate cuisine: Greek, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Provencal. It pairs well with Fish/Shellfish, Turkey, Vegetables, Bittersweet/Dark Chocolate, or Salad. Enjoy!