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Category Five Sluricane by E-40 Sweet Tea

750ml Bottle


    20% Alcohol
    Vallejo, California
    Product Description

    Category Five Sluricane by E-40 Sweet Tea Ready to Drink is a pre-mixed cocktail made with vodka and other natural flavors. It is a fun, ready-to-drink vodka cocktail that has 20% alcohol by volume. It has made with sweet tea, lemonade, and vodka. A delicious cocktail with a kick. This brand has owned by acclaimed rapper E-40, once part of The Click, and was created after one of their 1995 hits "Hurricane." Made with rum and natural flavors, Sluricane has a fruity and exotic taste that will enlighten your day. E-40 Sweet Tea Drink is a very refreshing and light cocktail that is perfect for pour over ice and enjoy! It's crafted by Earl Stevens (E-40) for his fans! Enjoy!

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