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Capel Premium Pisco

750ml Bottle


    Cooperativa Agricola Pisquera Elqui Limitada
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Capel Premium Pisco is an all-natural grape spirit produced in northern Chile. It is a blend of 30% muscat grapes and 70% Pedro Jimenez and Torontel grapes then aged in wooden casks for four to six months. Capel Pisco is slowly distilled with the crystal-clear water from the high Andes mountains resulting in a transparent spirit with a delicate bouquet. Ultra-popular Capel Premium Pisco is a distinctive pleasure. The glistening, straw-colored pisco is generously aromatic with a seductive herbal and fruit bouquet. Its fresh grape aromas maintain their intensity for an impressively long time. The satiny textured brandy is pleasantly warming, lavishly endowed with spice, herbs and peppery fruit flavors and sports a dry, elegant finish that’s thankfully long-lasting. Capel Pisco has delicate aromas of peach pastry and almond cookie with a silky, bright, fruity medium body and a peppery, compelling, fig paste, dried citrus, pepper, and earth finish. Capel is solid mixing pisco. Enjoy!

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