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Calamity Gin Gift Pack

750ml Bottle

    Southwest Spirits
    40% Alcohol
    Dallas, Texas
    United States

    Calamity Gin Gift Pack includes one 750ml bottle of Calamity Gin with bottles of Q Spectacular Tonic Water and Q Spectacular Grapefruit.

    Calamity New American Style Gin is a unique, premium-crafted, and infused wildflower, including Texas Bluebonnets. Born from extraordinary experiences, it is the spirit American Legends are made of. Through a unique combination of Old World and New World styles, they have distilled a well-balanced gin with mild juniper, floral notes, and a fresh citrus finish. It's a unique taste they call "Texas Dry." ​ It has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Calamity Texas Dry Artisan Gin embodies the independent spirit of Calamity Jane and inspires all men and women to find their inner legend through confidence and determination.

    Q Spectacular Tonic Water tastes clean and crisp, as tonic water was intended, with a quick sharpness and a gently rounded sweetness. The bottle is perfectly proportioned for one proper drink. It is dedicated to making the world's best tonic water - a clean, crisp, completely un-generic beverage that enhances the most refined spirits or stands proudly on its own.

    Q Spectacular Grapefruit is a very lightly sweetened sparkling drink that excels on simplicity and straightforward flavor and design. The small amount of added sugar compliments the grapefruit flavor very well. This Q Grapefruit is fresh, bitter, and tart, with just a hint of sweetness. It has been made with the highest quality ingredients – no high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives. Perfectly carbonated so your drink will never lose its fizz. Mix with tequila for a spectacular Paloma or with Vodka for a delicious Greyhound. With gin, it's equally impressive. The list is endless! Enjoy!