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Bottega Gold Prosecco

187ml Bottle


    Bottega SPA
    11% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Bottega Gold Prosecco is obtained from the vinification of Glera grapes. The elegance, freshness, and vitality of its bubbles reflect the beauty and tradition of the territory from which it originates, embroidered by the vineyards, able to stand out for its physical and geographical forms, where the vine has taken on a central role for centuries.

    Bottega Gold Prosecco grapes are hand-harvested and softly pressed in the winery. The Italian Charmat method is used, with fermentation in stainless steel tanks and secondary fermentation in sealed tanks for 40 days. It is excellent as an aperitif and for the preparation of cocktails. It is particularly suitable for appetizers and light first courses. It accompanies steamed or raw fish dishes, grilled white meats, and side dishes of stewed or fresh vegetables.

    Tasting Notes

    Color: Brilliant, straw yellow, delicate and persistent perlage.

    Aroma: Typical, characteristic, and refined, with fruity notes (in particular green apple, pear, citrus), floral (white flowers, acacia, wisteria, and lily of the valley), and sage and spice to finish.

    Palate: Soft, harmonious, and elegant, with a slender body and with present and well-harmonized acidity.

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