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Big O Ginger Liqueur

750ml Bottle

    Big O
    OTT Enterprises LLC
    17% Alcohol
    Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

    The Big O Ginger Liqueur is the most pleasing liqueur you will ever taste. It truly is artisan-made by people who appreciate fine food, excellent wine, a great liqueur, and good times. It blends the warmth of ginger and exotic spices, the sweetness of low sugars, the coolness of citrus, and fine, artisan-crafted spirits.

    This Big O Ginger is silky on the tongue, offering just a hint of rising heat. Not too much, just a blush, as the spices begin to reveal themselves, expressing their personalities and combined harmony. The tiny bite of alcohol raises your temperature just a bit - increasing your comfort. The combination of flavors then rests at the back of the tongue in a delightful kiss of spices, remembered pleasures.

    When the distillery makes The Big O Liqueur, they hand-select the spices they use, choosing the best all-natural botanicals available, so there truly is Nothing Fake About It. It has bottled at 17% alcohol by volume. If you're looking for something to sip or something to spice up your favorite cocktail, Big O is just the thing. Try this lovely liqueur in your next cocktail. Enjoy!