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Beringer Main & Vine Chenin Blanc

750ml Bottle


    Treasury Wine Estates Limited
    11% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Beringer Main & Vine Chenin Blanc White Wine is a well-balanced wine with aromas and flavors of crisp citrus, melon, and spicy ginger. Gentle handling and careful attention are given to the Chenin Blanc grapes from the vine to the glass. To retain the delicate varietal flavors, Beringer's winemakers chill the juices immediately following crush and continue to monitor the temperature throughout fermentation closely. Just before dryness, they cool the juices even further to halt fermentation and retain a smooth, lush mouthfeel and lingering finish. Beringer Main and Vine Chenin Blanc is meant to be enjoyed with a variety of foods, ranging from Asian to Mexican dishes. It is also perfect for Matcha Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies. It's the ideal choice for a casual backyard barbecue with friends. Enjoy!

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