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Belvedere Intense Unfiltered 80 Proof Diamond Rye Vodka

750ml Bottle

    40% Alcohol

    Belvedere Black Intense Unfiltered 80 Proof Rare Diamond Rye Vodka is full-bodied and elegant at its smoothest and most distinctive. It has created from 100% "Single Estate" Dankowskie Diamond Rye, a select baker's grade grain grown on a few Polish farms. This rye possesses such a naturally creamy, intense flavor that the vodka has left unfiltered to preserve its character and taste after being distilled four times. It results in a silky soft texture and elegant mouthfeel.

    The nose has intense aromas of sea air baked bread and toasted nuts. The palate is full but mellow with initial impressions of salted caramel freshly baked bread and honey. Mid-palate evolves into fresh minerality with some stone and flint characteristics. The back palate has refreshed with delicate notes of sea salt and a hint of white pepper. Mouthfeel is creamy, well-rounded, and luscious with a long finish.

    Creating exceptional vodka is having the confidence to know when to take a step back and allow each element's craftsmanship to shine. This Rare Diamond Rye Vodka is excellent in cocktails or just on its own. Enjoy!