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Basil Hayden's Dark Rye Whiskey

750ml Bottle


    Basil Hayden's
    Beam Suntory
    40% Alcohol
    Clermont, Kentucky
    Product Description

    Expanding from the unique high rye recipe that has always made Basil Hayden's Bourbon so uncommon comes a release that focuses on the art of blending two distinct rye whiskeys with just a touch of the port to unveil an entirely new taste discovery. This blend explores the harmonious combination of 3 distinct liquid profiles for one memorable whiskey. Blending is an art form, and our Basil Hayden's Dark Rye Whiskey is your chance to own what might very well be a masterpiece. It all begins with Kentucky Rye, providing a firm foundation of spice, oak, dried fruit, and subtle molasses undertones for this release to build upon. From there, Canadian Rye from our award-winning Alberta Distillery is skillfully layered in. A touch of California Port, and its complementary notes of ripe fruit, provides the third and final layer to a whiskey just as at home on the rocks as it is in a cocktail. Two flavorful whiskeys and a touch of port tastefully converge in our one-of-kind Dark Rye. Full in flavor, yet delicately nuanced, you'd be wise to grab a bottle of our Dark Rye to experience this magical blend for yourself. Basil Hayden's Dark Rye Whiskey is always perfect sipped on the rocks as well as in a Boulevardier. Enjoy!

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