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Barton Light Rum

1L Bottle


    Sazerac Company, Inc.
    40% Alcohol
    Bardstown, Kentucky
    Product Description

    Barton Superior Light Rum (also known as "Barton White Rum") brings an authentic taste of the Caribbean, with a rich, mellow flavor that is ideal straight up or in a mixed drink. It has a flavor, with the tastes of sweet vanilla and a hint of fruit. There are some oak notes as well, and once the taste has subsided a little bit, the aftertaste of this Imported Light Rum is like a piece of fruit soaked in alcohol. Some candy-like notes such as dry butterscotch can be tasted at this point, and they linger for a while after drinking. It is a perfect addition to any bar, either in a seaside resort or in your home dreaming of the beach. It is a quality addition to the famous Barton family name at a value. Enjoy!

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