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Barefoot Refresh Rose Spritzer

750ml Bottle

      E & J Gallo Winery
      5.5% Alcohol
      United States
      Gluten Free
      Gluten Free

      Barefoot Refresh Rose Spritzer California Sparkling Wine is a fruity, slightly sweet, low alcohol wine spritzer. It is a blend of Grenache and Moscato, with a lively combination of mandarin orange and peach notes complemented by raspberry and cherry flavors. Offering a refreshing medley of juicy peaches and zesty mandarins is a burst of delicious, fruity.

      With hints of sweet raspberries and red cherries, Barefoot Rose Spritzer pairs well with cold pasta dishes, fruit salad, and the very best of backyard barbecues. Barefoot Refresh Spritzers are like summer in a can, and the easy-to-pack, single-serving cans give people the freedom to enjoy wine when and where they want and to take summer with them in any season.

      This Rose Spritzer contains 5.5% alcohol by volume and best savored chilled or over ice. Break out the potato salad and chicken drumsticks, or anything else buried in the picnic basket, and dig in! Get Barefoot and have a great time! Enjoy!