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Barefoot Moscato

750ml Bottle


      E & J Gallo Winery
      9% Alcohol
      Product Description

      Barefoot Cellars California Moscato White Wine is delightfully sweet with lush fruity aromas. It treats the senses with some beautiful scents. Pour a glass, let it breathe, and you'll detect lush fruity aromas, hints of gloriously juicy peach, ripe apricots, and citrus. It has hints of lemon and orange citrus that complement a bright, crisp, refreshing finish that dances in at the end.

      They can't deny it - Barefoot Moscato is a bit sweeter than their Riesling and a real crowd pleaser! It has bottled at 9% alcohol by volume. It is ideal for sipping alongside the final evening dinner, though it's far from just a dessert wine.

      This Barefoot Cellars Moscato Wine is genuinely versatile, pairing well with spicy Asian cuisine and light desserts, fresh fruit, and mild cheeses. Tasty! Get Barefoot and have a great time! Enjoy!

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