Backwoods Moonshine Heritage

750ml Bottle

American Whiskey | White Whiskey/Moonshine

    MBW Brands LLC
    50% Alcohol
    Waxahachie, Texas
    United States

    Backwoods Moonshine Heritage American Whiskey is truly an American original. The history of Moonshine goes back many years! What they have done is create a smoother, better, and cleaner tasting Moonshine. Backwoods is now taking the Moonshine category to the next level of not only being an American tradition but having a quality that is second to none.

    Backwoods Moonshine Heritage has been crafted in the Ozarks using clean, pristine water. They distill the Moonshine 5x and then filter it 3x using charcoal. This gives a clean, smooth, and unique flavor profile. It delivers a clean, smooth finish, without the aftertaste.

    This Backwoods Moonshine Heritage has bottled at 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume). Natural flavoring is added to enhance the Moonshine, so every sip is greatness in a bottle. It can be sipped straight or can be mixed with your drink of choice. They believe in quality, not quantity! Enjoy!