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Andre Brut

375ml Can


      E & J Gallo Winery
      9.5% Alcohol
      Product Description

      Andre Cellars Brut California Champagne is crisp, simple, and medium-dry. It features a blend of white wine grapes, resulting in the fruity flavor of green apple aromas and a light mouthfeel with hints of sweet lemon and pear. Fruity flavors with a dry mouthfeel yield a lively mid-palate and finish. This driest blend of white grapes results in a taste as bright as the California sunshine they're grown in. It is the classic champagne, and classics never go out of style. It is the ultimate sparkling wine for mimosas and cocktails. No matter where you're going, bringing Andre Brut Sparkling Wine, will make a statement. Perfect for mixing in a fizzy punch or spritzer with something colorful and fruity. Let's brunch! Enjoy!

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