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Amrut Peated Cask Strength Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    Amrut Distilleries Private Limited
    62.8% Alcohol

    Amrut Peated Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whiskey is stormingly hot and spicy whiskey, peated and bottled at a punchy cask strength of 62.8% alcohol by volume. A cask strength release of Amrut Peated, created from Indian barley grown at the feet of the Himalayas and matured in oak barrels at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level.

    It has made with barley peated and malted in Scotland, but distilled in Bangalore and aged in a combination of new and old American oak barrels. This version packs a punch at full strength. A little water will go a long way in taming this beast. It is not for the faint-hearted.

    It has a golden yellow color. The nose is smoky, buttery with a hint of sweetness. It has an aroma of peat, citrus, fruit cake, and dried berries that gives way to notes of chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar on the palate. The finish is slightly sweet, with a touch of bonfire smoke balanced against notes of ripe apples. Enjoy!