Alba Vineyard Red Raspberry Wine

500ml Bottle

Flavored Dessert Wine

    Dessert & Fortified Wine
    Alba Vineyard
    Alba Vineyard & Winery
    12% Alcohol
    Warren Hills
    United States

    Alba Vineyard Red Raspberry Wine is a Flavored Dessert Wine from Warren Hills, New Jersey, that is truly unique. It has been produced entirely from whole red raspberries, fermented on the skins for twenty days to maximize the fresh berry character. This Wine is finished sweet, with a slight tart edge to provide a rich berry experience without a cloying, syrupy finish. As a result, it is one of the few wines that can marry well with chocolate desserts.

    This Alba Vineyard Red Raspberry Wine has bottled at 12% alcohol by volume. It is delicious mixed with Champagne, as in a "Kir Royale," or served in a small glass as one would serve port or sherry. Enjoy!