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360 Grape Vodka

750ml Bottle


    McCormick Distilling Company
    35% Alcohol
    Weston, Missouri
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Grape juice just grew up. Introducing 360 Vodkas newest eco-friendly flavor 360 Grape Vodka. 360 Vodka is "eco-friendly", their bottle is made from recycled glass, recycled paper, and printed using eco-friendly ink. Made from quadruple-distilled, five-times filtered vodka, 360 Grape Vodka showcases this all-American classic. 360 Grape Vodka is smooth, sweet with a robust flavor and slightly tart finish a different twist for your favorite cocktail. Think of it as a grape for grown-ups. Bring the taste of the vine to your glass with drinks like the 360 Sparkling Grape, the 360 Grapetini, or the refreshingly fizzy 360 Grape Soda. No matter the occasion, 360 Grape Vodka is always the right pick. Enjoy!

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