1220 Spirits Lemonade & Lavender

12oz (4 Cans)

Ready to Drink | Unique Cocktails

    1220 Spirits
    1220 Artisan Spirits
    5.5% Alcohol
    St. Louis, Missouri
    United States

    1220 Artisan Spirits Lemonade and Lavender Ready to Drink includes a traditional lemonade made with French lavender flowers and vodka. The completed cocktail is relatively simple, and the lavender influence is light-handed. The lemonade comes through cleanly and authentically, the floral addition giving this drink a more summery feel.

    This Lemonade and Lavender 1220 Spirits contains 5.5% alcohol by volume. With real lemons and the most delicate lavender, this cocktail is ready for pool parties and patios. It is very refreshing and convenient since you can take it anywhere! Enjoy!