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Yellow Tail Super Crisp Chardonnay

750ml Bottle


    Yellow Tail
    Casella Family Brands
    12.5% Alcohol
    South Eastern Australia
    Product Description

    Yellow Tail Super Crisp Chardonnay has regained popularity and it's no surprise considering its exceptional quality. This white wine is highly refreshing, making it a favorite among many. It hails from the South Eastern Australia region.

    Tasting Notes

    When it comes to the taste, Yellow Tail Super Crisp Chardonnay offers delightful aromas of citrus with subtle passionfruit notes. It strikes the perfect balance between fresh lime and citrus flavors, with a touch of grapefruit that adds a light and invigorating finish. This wine is characterized by its lively, fresh, and vibrant nature.

    Food Pairings: To complement this medium-bodied wine, pair it with dishes that have a similar level of body. The acidity in the wine can be used to cut through heavier sauces that contain cream or butter. Alternatively, you can enjoy this Chardonnay alongside your favorite tacos for a satisfying combination.

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