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Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi White Zinfandel 2016

187ml Bottle


    Constellation Brands, Inc.
    9.5% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi California White Zinfandel Rose Wine 2016 is a bright and crisp, making it an ideal wine to share with friends around a communal table or enjoy daily meals on a warm afternoon. With hints of cherry and juicy red fruits from a proprietary blend of grape varieties, the wine's fruity aromas and flavors come alive through watermelon and strawberry notes.

    Employing unique growing techniques and state-of-the-art technology for winemaking, this white wine uses a proprietary blend of grape varieties from the Lodi region. This Blush Wine has bottled at 9.5% alcohol by volume. Its light flavors make it an enjoyably versatile wine that pairs well with chicken, tangy cheeses, or spicy Cajun dishes, such as Andouille Cajun Fettuccine tangy cheeses. It is best to serve well chilled on a warm afternoon. Enjoy!

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