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Wild Turkey Forgiven Batch No. 303 Blended Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    Wild Turkey
    Campari Group
    45.5% Alcohol
    Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
    United States

    Wild Turkey Forgiven Blended Bourbon Whiskey was created by accident when a distillery crew-member mistakenly mingled together with a perfectly-matured, six-year-old Wild Turkey Bourbon (78%) with a high-proof, four-year-old Wild Turkey Rye (22%). Like all Wild Turkey bourbons, Forgiven undergoes a natural aging process in American oak barrels with a deep No. 4 or "alligator" char that is used to age every Wild Turkey bourbon and rye whiskey. After the mistake was made, Eddie Russell tasted the blend and quickly concluded that the exceptional whiskey should be brought to market, giving birth to Wild Turkey Forgiven. Wild Turkey Forgiven Batch No. 303 Blended Bourbon Whiskey clocks in at 91 Proof and makes no apologies. The bourbon and rye flavors complement the best of each other to create bold, creamy vanilla and oak opening, and a long, smooth finish with hints of pepper, clove, and cinnamon. It has a spicy, bold taste that finishes unlike most drinks in its category. It has a bright and spicy aroma, with notes of cloves, oak, cinnamon and rye bread. The aroma gives way to a more mellow flavor profile, with notes of caramel, creamy vanilla, and toffee that lead to a finish accented by touches of pepper and whipped cream. Enjoy neat for the full experience!