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Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Magnetic Arrow Gift Box

750ml Bottle

    12% Alcohol
    Gluten Free

    Maison Veuve Clicquot celebrates the links this famous champagne house has with the new Magnetic Arrow Collection, which features six famous historic destinations worldwide. The classic Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne is presented in a unique Arrow Gift Box, branded with distinctive Veuve livery and including a magnet printed with the destination city.

    The magnet that can be hung and brings a twist to your home as a way to remind of the magnetic attraction of these cities! The detachable arrow can be customized with the name of any city, hometown, or dream destination.

    The arrow illustrates the distance to your destination of choice from Reims, the Champagne wine-growing region's unofficial capital. Your personalization message must be a city, country, village, street, or place name with a maximum of 15 letters. The distance printed on the arrow will be from your selected destination to Reims. Your personalization message will be in all capitals. Discover the Magnetic Arrow inside the Box.

    Yellow Label Brut offers Golden-Yellow color with tiny bubbles. Full flavors follow its complex nose of apple, citrus, and caramel with elegance, crispness, and a slightly spicy finish. Keep your bottle in the fridge. Enjoy!