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Tempus Fugit Spirits Creme de Cacao

750ml Bottle


    Tempus Fugit
    Tempus Fugit Spirits, LLC
    24% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Tempus Fugit Spirits Creme de Cacao a la Vanille Liqueur is based on a 19th-century recipe, cross-referenced in English and French. Terroir is essential for ingredients, and the source of cacao for the best Creme de Cacao was cacao from Venezuela, while the best source of vanilla was from Mexico. Hence, these two ingredients needed to be specially sourced to reproduce the best quality of Creme de Cacao. The raw cacao has distilled, and the distillate has then macerated with additional cacao and crushed whole vanilla bean. The process gives a depth of character and naturally colors the Creme de Cacao, a medium brown.

    Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao has unctuous, syrupy thick, light molasses brown color. Off the charts sweetness and beanies, with unequal amounts of cacao (two-thirds) and vanilla (one-third) fragrances in the opening whiffs, the powdered cocoa comes to the forefront in the second inhalations, lusciously so. Amazingly cocoa-like and buttery at entry; mid palate is spot-on dark chocolate-like, but neither bitter nor semisweet; it's just flat-out sweet.

    The serving suggestions are either throwing in a splash of soda water for a digestif or utilizing this gummy liqueur in cocktails that call for creme de cacao. Enjoy!

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