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Stumpy's Unbroken Peach Vodka

750ml Bottle


    Stumpy's Spirits Distillery
    35% Alcohol
    Columbia, Illinois
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free, New Arrivals

    Stumpy's Unbroken Peach Flavored Vodka is soft and silky smooth. It is distilled from 100% family grown corn (making this gluten-free) on the 8th generation farm in Columbia, IL. Stumpy's take the extra steps to make sure only the heart of the heart makes the final cut. This vodka is filtered through a custom blend of activated carbon to give it an incredibly refreshing character. After hand-craft the perfect vodka, it is infused with fresh tree-ripened peaches from Eckert's Orchards in Belleville, IL. Unbroken Peach Vodka is sure to please and is one of the best sellers! It offers soft and delicate notes, just like biting into a juicy peach! Enjoy!

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