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Sonoma Distilling Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon

750ml Bottle


    Sonoma Distilling
    Sonoma Distilling Company
    47.8% Alcohol
    Rohnert Park, California

    Sonoma Distilling American Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon Whiskey is a mash bill of 67% Californian and Canadian Corn, 20% Californian and Canadian Rye, and 13% Cherrywood Smoked Barley from Wyoming. It has aged for a minimum of fifteen months with the majority of blends above two years. Fans of smoked whiskeys will rejoice over this balanced expression, neither too heavy nor too light.

    Sonoma Cherrywood Smoked Bourbon Whiskey offers aromas of molasses, leather, baked cherries, green peppercorn, tangerine, and cocoa powder. It provides a flavor profile of maraschino cherry, smoke, allspice, and vanilla. It has bottled at 47.8% alcohol by volume. This Smoked Bourbon pairs well with roasted root vegetables, red snapper, and cheesecake. Enjoy!

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