Slim Chillers Skinny Freezers Variety Pack

100ml (8 Tubes)

Ready to Drink | Variety Packs

    Ready to Drink
    Slim Chillers
    Slim Chillers, Inc.
    8% Alcohol
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    United States
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

    Slim Chillers Skinny Freezers Variety Pack includes eight 100ml Tubes of your favorite Vodka Martini flavors. There are four flavors of this Skinny Freezers: Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, and Watermelon Lemonade. This Vodka Martini Skinny Freezers Popsicles are gluten-free and contains 100 Calories and 8% alcohol by volume. This variety pack is the ultimate summer's day companion.

    Lemon Drop: They dare you to try and stop at just one! Imagine, if you will, the perfect mouth-watering Lemon Drop Vodka Martini, carefully balanced with just the right Lemon zest and flavor, but now at only 100 calories and frozen!! What might have once been a dream, Slim Chillers, has now made a reality!

    Cosmopolitan: Bursting with an abundance of cranberry, orange, and a pinch of lime; the Cosmopolitan Skinny Freezer delivers the perfect refreshing low-calorie Cocktail poolside, beach-side, bar-side, babe-side, whatever-side, for any "Cosmo" lover.

    Appletini: Like biting into a Granny Smith Apple, this Appletini Skinny Freezer is both tart and sweet, with a fantastic texture and a little kick. A lovely frozen Vodka Martini that refreshes at any event, you won't leave this Apple on your teacher's desk!

    Watermelon Lemonade: With a perfect balance of sweet Watermelon flavor and the zest of summer Lemonade, this Watermelon Lemonade Skinny Freezer is sure to quench even the most discerning palate, while offering a unique flavor twist in a low-calorie frozen Vodka Martini. Enjoy!