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Sartori Love Story Sparkling

750ml Bottle


    Casa Vinicola Sartori S.p.A.
    11% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Pop the cork and get the spark ignited with this crisp and charming Sartori Love Story Sparkling White Wine. 100% Garganega, this fresh and flirty dry bubbly, has lively apple, citrus, and nectarine flavors with fine bubbles.

    Romance and sparkling wine are a perfect pair! The acclaimed Italian winery Sartori di Verona has bottled their passion for wine and romance into a charming new collection called Love Story. The vineyards are within the Soave DOC in the Colognola ai Colli Area, Italy. Founded in 1898, Sartori di Verona is an epic story of the Sartori family's unwavering commitment to winemaking and deep love for Verona's city.

    This Sparkling Soave is easygoing and elegant wine bottled at 11% alcohol by volume. It is perfect as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to light dishes, especially fish. Enjoy!

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