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Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey

750ml Bottle


    Sam Houston
    Western Spirits Beverage Company
    43% Alcohol
    Bowling Green, Kentucky
    Product Description

    Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey is 86 proof made with Kentucky Bourbon. It is perfectly aged in charred white oak barrels and hand-selected for its exceptional characteristics. It has a golden amber color, with a flavor signature that is bold and unique. It offers an aroma of caramel and vanilla, which combine with the creamy, smoky texture to form a perfect union. These flavors shine through on the palate as well and lead to a finish that's characterized by robust oak and just a hint of cherry. This American Straight Whiskey is a distinguished spirit that's full of character, much like Houston himself. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a little water. Enjoy!

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