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Salvador's Strawberry Margarita

200ml (4 Bottles)


      Luxco, Inc.
      9.95% Alcohol
      St. Louis, Missouri
      Product Description

      Salvador's Strawberry Margarita is made with the finest ingredients: Ultra Premium Tequila and Triple Sec with 19.9 proof. Convenient and portable, this Strawberry Margarita keeps your party simple. With Salvador's, there's no measuring, no mixing, and no fuss. Just open, pour, and enjoy a perfect cocktail! It delivers an authentic, full Strawberry flavored cocktail that doesn't get watered down over ice. No matter what the occasion, it is ready to make your party great. It stands up over ice! So serve Salvador's to your friends with the confidence you are giving them an authentic Strawberry Margarita! Enjoy!

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