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Rebel Yell Straight Rye Small Batch

750ml Bottle

    Rebel Yell
    Luxco, Inc.
    45% Alcohol
    Bardstown, Kentucky
    United States

    Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye Whiskey may be straight rye, but there's nothing ordinary about it. This full-bodied whiskey's got backbone with a bold rye flavor and a solid mix of sweet and spice. A spicy nose opens up into rich yet unpretentious rye flavor that'll keep you on your toes balanced by hints of vanilla. It offers notes of dark chocolate and vanilla extract. The palate is mildly woody, with some clove spice and surprising sweetness, and leads to a finish marked by burnt toast, orange marmalade, and melted butter. Produced and sold in limited quantities, this Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey offers smooth, spicy rye flavor with enough backbone to stand up to classic cocktails. Enjoy!