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Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin

750ml Bottle

    Rabbit Hole
    Pernod Ricard
    44.5% Alcohol
    Louisville, Kentucky
    United States

    Rabbit Hole Bespoke Barrel Finished London Dry Gin is part of Rabbit Hole's Fingerprint Edition, a set of limited-edition small-batch, experimental finishes. Bespoke Gin is a reimagined classic. Fashioned in Kentucky Rye Barrels, it offers a new experience that awakens the senses. They start by importing the finest London Dry Gin then finish it in the same hand-selected barrels they use to age their award-winning Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Boxergrail. Made using gin imported from London, this distinctive spirit has uncharacteristically soft juniper notes, overlaying a floral wave of geranium and rosewater. This incredible gin carries an exclusive distinction: it is the only gin to be finished in #3 Kentucky rye whiskey barrels. The effect is sublime. It has layers of white pepper and coriander and the faintest touch of wood leading to a citrus finish, and a nearly irresistible desire to take another sip. Aromas of citrus, honeysuckle, and elderflower evoke Kentucky rick houses in the summer, while notes of juniper, nutmeg, and lemongrass bring you to London in the spring. Rabbit Hole Bespoke Barrel Finished Gin is a perfect introductory gin for people who haven't been in love with gin before. Coupled with a bespoke bottle suited for any occasion, this gin is smooth enough to be sipped neat but equally fit for your own distinct cocktails. Dream Big. Drink Responsibly. Enjoy!