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Polish Land Spirytus

750ml Bottle

    Polish Land
    Polanin, Co.
    96% Alcohol

    Polish Land Spirytus comes from Poland and includes a whole range of delicious spirit-based drinks that don't quite fit the mold of vodka or any other well-defined spirits type. It has been produced with a traditional method from 100% grain neutral spirit of the premium class and highly crystal clean water. It has bottled at 192 proof (96% alcohol by volume).

    Polish Land Spirytus is an extraordinarily strong spirit that needs to be treated with respect. Being very nearly pure alcohol, it is most commonly used in cooking, as in preparing home-made macerates, vodkas, liqueurs, and cakes. Also famous in preparing fruit and herb tinctures, for medicinal purposes, or by home perfume makers. This product is not intended for consumption until diluted!! Enjoy!