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Pinckney Bend Heirloom Tennessee Red Cob

375ml Bottle


    Pinckney Bend
    Pinckney Bend Distillery
    50% Alcohol
    New Haven, Missouri
    Product Description

    Pinckney Bend Heirloom Tennessee Red Cob Whiskey has been aged two years in new and second use Missouri white oak cooperage. A stunning golden auburn color sets the tone for this distinct spirit. A malty-sweet aroma combines with a savory and nutty front. This whiskey has many nuanced layers on the finish with faint hints of butterscotch. The same flavor that made it a natural choice for grits has also made it a favorite whiskey variety. It's a staff favorite. It has bottled at 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume).

    In 1840, Tennessee was the leading corn-producing state in the Union, and much of the corn grown was this variety, generically known as 'Indian Corn.' Red Cob began appearing in seed catalogs before 1900 and was famous throughout the Ozark region. Though it is soft, white dent corn, it has a red germ, which gives it a unique color and aroma. It was a superior grain for flour, grits, and, of course, whiskey. Enjoy!

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