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Nuvo Red Velvet Cake Sparkling Liqueur

750ml Bottle

    The London Group, LLC
    20% Alcohol

    Nuvo Red Velvet Cake Sparkling Liqueur is a decadent blend of ultra-premium French vodka, French white wine, French sparkling wine, and Red Velvet Cake flavor with a touch of carbonation. It is the world's first sparkling liqueur.

    Indulge in this truly decadent cocktail. Taste the soft sponge cake and the sweetness from the luxuriously creamy cheesecake frosting finishing with a hint of chocolate. These mouth-watering flavors will have you coming back for more.

    Nuvo Liqueur defines luxury and is the ultimate accessory when celebrating life with friends and family. It comes housed in a gorgeous, perfume-like bottle that adds flair and decor to any event. Serve chilled, or over ice, Nuvo Red Velvet Cake is excellent for light drinkers or vodka lovers. A great drink option is one part Nuvo Red Velvet Cake Liqueur, and one part Cream Soda makes it taste like a slice of Red Velvet Cake. Enjoy!