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Nonino Amaro Quintessentia Liqueur

750ml Bottle


    Nonino Distillatori S.p.A.
    35% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Nonino Amaro Quintessentia Liqueur is created from the union of Antonio Nonino's ancient recipe with the Nonino Family's experience of the Art of distillation. UE grape distillate base is blended with mountain herbs and spices, then aged in oak barrels to produce a delicate and complex Italian liqueur.

    Artisanal batch distillation and small production keep the level of quality and care very high for Nonino Amaro Quintessentia. Its popularity and use in artisan cocktails have grown exponentially, and mixology continues to be a driving force behind Nonino Amaro Quintessentia Liqueur.

    Tasting Notes

    Color: Amber with deep red hues.

    Aroma: Extraordinary fragrance of mountain herbs.

    Palate: Considered bitter with hints of spice, licorice, and herb.

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