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Nassau Royale Liqueur

1L Bottle

    Nassau Royale
    Bacardi Limited
    33.5% Alcohol
    The Bahamas

    Bacardi Nassau Royale Rum Liqueur is a delicate blend of exotic ingredients with a hint of vanilla. It is popular in Nassau Bahamas and Bahamian cuisine. It has been used with whipped bananas and cream to top the banana royal dessert. It uses a well-selected blend of exotic ingredients and is kissed with dramatic notes of vanilla.

    This Nassau Royale Liqueur has bottled at 33.5% alcohol by volume. It is a great rum that can be appreciated as a mixer and when added with cola. Experience its traditional island taste and bouquet straight, in a mixed drink, or with dessert. For a decadent moment, try as a topping to vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!