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Nardini Grappa Bianca

1L Bottle


    Ditta Bortolo Nardini S.p.a
    50% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Bortolo Nardini founded his distillery in 1779. Steam distillation was introduced in 1860, and the distillery was renamed Bartolo Nardini Distilleria, a Vapor. Over the next century and more, the distillery continued to move and expand to meet overwhelming demand. Clear and un-aged, Nardini Grappa Bianca is twice-distilled from the pomace of cabernet, merlot, Pinot Bianco, and fruilana (tocai) grapes. Distillation takes place from October to May. Intense, balanced, and clean. Nardini Grappa Bianca is a distillate with an engaging flavor for moments of intense pleasure. A timeless classic, where fragrance and transparency add a uniquely stylish note. The spirit is reduced to 50% ABV before packaging. Excellently balanced, Nardini Bianca is a delightfully complex yet elegant grappa with notes of jasmine tea and gingerbread. Nardini Bianca is very intense and straight forward on the palate with a bit of anise, chocolate, and red fruit. Perfect after a meal, it should be served at room temperature; it can also be mixed in various cocktails. Enjoy!

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