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Morrigan Triple Distilled

750ml Bottle

    Terra Spirits & Liqueurs
    40% Alcohol

    Morrigan Triple Distilled Blended Irish Whiskey has named after the ancient Celtic goddess of strife and war who could transform herself into a crow or wolf during battle. It is an 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume) unpeated whiskey that is triple-distilled, blended, and bottled in Ireland. It's only whiskey made in Ireland where the makers do not use peat when drying malt. That is why the taste of smoke that is peculiar to many Scotch whiskeys can rarely be found in Irish whiskey. This process makes this spirit delicious and noble.

    The highest quality is achieved by triple distillation and by the most famous Irish producers' technological methods to make the whiskey more quality perfect. Every cycle of production and bottling occurs in Ireland, and later it is served as the quality and exclusiveness of the product. The smoothness of this whiskey allows maximum drinkability and pleasure for all. Enjoy!