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Minor Case Sherry Cask Finished Straight Rye Whiskey

750ml Bottle

    Minor Case
    Luxco, Inc.
    45% Alcohol
    Lebanon, Kentucky

    Minor Case Sherry Cask Finished Straight Rye Whiskey is two-year-old straight rye. That two-year aging includes a six-month finish in sherry casks. The mission of this whiskey is to create a genuine and uncompromised product, using long-standing whiskey-making traditions. This whiskey explores what might have been had the talent-fueled M. C. Beam had the opportunity to have his stills unsilenced, and his production reawakened throughout prohibition. Minor Case is a tribute to the man with unwavering passion and the product he sought to create. Minor Case Straight Rye offers earthy hints and sweet sherry aromas. The palate is luscious with candied notes of butterscotch. The finish is sherried with a smooth rounded mouthfeel and with hints of dried fruits. Enjoy!