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Marti Mojito Rum

750ml Bottle

    Marti Autentico Rum Co.
    40% Alcohol

    Marti Licor De Ron Mojito Flavored Rum is an ultra-premium Cuban-Style rum with natural lime and mint. Crafted in consultation with a respected master distiller in the tradition of pre-Castro Cuban rums from the late 1950s, Marti Mojito takes its flavors from Caribbean lime and a distinctive mint similar to the fabled Hierba Buena mint of Cuba.

    The fruity mint mixture has combined with flavorful West Indian rum. Named after beloved Cuban patriot Jose Marti, Marti Mojito Rum represents Cuba's essence - vibrant and exotic. It has been made in Cuba and is a staple drink for Cuba's people. It has bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

    Savor this Marti Rum neat, on the rocks, or the custom in Havana, in a Mojito, or mixed with various juices and other spirits. It can blend your favorite mojito while infusing that great taste of rum into your one of a kind drink. Whether you're looking to shake it up or mix it, it is your best bet for a kind experience. Enjoy!