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Marcus James Chardonnay

1.5L Bottle

    Marcus James
    Constellation Brands, Inc.
    13.5% Alcohol

    Marcus James Chardonnay White Wine from Argentina has made a mellow, fruity style that doesn't need bottle aging. Abundant sunshine and the right amount of rainfall ensure that the grapes used for this Chardonnay would reach their full potential. It is a pleasure from the first sip to last and bottled at 13.5% alcohol by volume.

    This Mendoza Chardonnay is brightly fruity, with tropical notes complemented by hints of spice and the warmth of vanilla. It has a light golden color and a warm bouquet of vanilla accented with pineapple and guava's ripe tropical aroma. The clean finish makes it delicious on its own, and the lush full-fruit flavors also marry well with rich fish dishes, risotto and creamy chicken with leeks. Enjoy!