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Licor 43 Liqueur Gift Set with 2 Balon Glasses

750ml Bottle


    Licor 43
    Diego Zamora S.A.
    31% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free, Gift
    Product Description

    Licor 43 Liqueur Gift Set includes one 750ml Bottle of Licor 43 Liqueur and two Balon Glasses. This Licor 43 is a unique Spanish liqueur of extraordinary quality and made with Mediterranean citrus and selected botanical ingredients. Since 1946, the Zamora family has been making Licor 43, a delicious spirit with its characteristic golden tone. Bright yellow and lightly spiced, it has made with 43 ingredients, hence the name. The flavor profile runs from vanilla to brown sugar and baking spice. It plays particularly well with dark spirits like rum and brandy, without overpowering. Enjoy!

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