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Leonard Kreusch Sapphire Selection Mosel Riesling 2010

750ml Bottle

    White Wine
    Leonard Kreusch
    Kreusch Leonard GmbH & Co
    9% Alcohol

    Leonard Kreusch Sapphire Selection Mosel Riesling White Wine 2010 has become the most famous wine they produce. It has been produced exclusively from Riesling grapes grown in the Mosel region, which covers the rivers Mosel, Saar, and Ruwer. The wines are "cool" fermented at approximately 15°C (56-60°F) to retain the Riesling grape's freshness and vigor and enhance the natural fruitiness of the wine.

    Leonard Kreusch Riesling has moderate intensity with fresh green apple flavors, fruity pear, and hints of grapefruit. There are a delicate balance and a pleasant sweetness with a touch of mineral in the finish. It has bottled at 9% alcohol by volume.

    This Riesling is quite versatile and perfect for any occasion - excellent as an aperitif or your favorite chicken or seafood dishes. It is delightfully fresh and fruity, making the ideal choice for gatherings, both large and small. It is best to serve chilled at 10°C/50°F. Enjoy!