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Jinro Plum Soju

375ml Bottle

    Hite Holdings Co., Ltd.
    13% Alcohol

    Jinro Plum Soju adds a playful splash of plum flavors to the clean taste of Chamisul Fresh. It is a neutral spirit with natural and artificial flavors. Fruity and smooth with the unique flavor of plums, this latest addition will delight fans of flavored soju. Jinro Plum has become one of the most popular fruit-infused Soju in Korea and represents a new twist on a Korean favorite. The low alcohol content of 13% makes it a delightful party drink that is ideal with your favorite Korean barbecue or even on its own and is also suitable for all gatherings. It is best served ice-cold, neat, or as a small pour in a traditional chilled cup. Plum lovers rejoice! Enjoy!