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Jinro 24 Soju

375ml Bottle


    Hite Holdings Co., Ltd.
    24% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Jinro 24 is presented at 24% alcohol by volume- hence the name Jinro 24 Soju. It is a neutral spirit with sugar and citric acid, and it achieves a delicate balance between clean and smooth. Soju is a Korean spirit that can be made from rice, grain, or potatoes and is diluted before bottling. Bright, water-white in appearance; aromas of citrus fruit, white flowers, and a hint of mineral; dry and light in body, with subtle grainy and white pepper notes leading to a short finish. This distilled specialty distinguished by its yellow label has a neutral composition that lends itself perfectly to fresh fruits, juices, and mixers. Its alcohol content is enough to give a "kick" to popular cocktails but is mild enough for an extended drinking experience. Additionally, its smoothness and flavor are a great accompaniment to BBQ dishes and grilled meat dishes. Enjoy!

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