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Havana Club Anejo Clasico Rum

750ml Bottle

    Havana Club
    Bacardi Limited
    40% Alcohol
    Puerto Rico

    Havana Club Anejo Clasico Puerto Rican Rum is a blend of finely crafted rums produced from a carefully controlled fermentation of sugar cane molasses and then distilled and aged in Puerto Rico under the tropical climate of the Caribbean for one to three years (untouched and undisturbed) in oak barrels. After the aged rums are blended together, the blend is aged again in oak barrels for the second period of at least three months for additional smoothness. Havana Club Anejo Clasico is an intricate blend with robust notes of sweet fruits akin to pineapple and apricot while being complemented by oaky notes with hints of almond and vanilla. Its body is smooth and mellow with a velvety finish, which adds layers of discovery to any cocktail experience. Enjoy!