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Greenbar TRU Organic Vodka

750ml Bottle


    Greenbar Distillery
    40% Alcohol
    Los Angeles, California
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

    Greenbar Distillery's range of TRU Vodka infusions is an uncompromising union of nature and craft. TRU Organic Vodka is a new kind of vodka that combines smooth and clean flavor with a velvety texture and zero additives. It unites American wheat and California pomegranate to bring you something rare. It has been distilled through the state of the art column stills that produce the purest spirits possible in only one pass, saving energy without compromising purity.

    On the nose, TRU Vodka is light and clean, with mild notes of grain. Take a sip, and the mouthfeel is very soft, almost like you're drinking water. Some flavor does shine through, including sweet earthy notes and a pepper touch, but this is mostly a neutral vodka. The taste is full-bodied and light with a clean, creamy finish. Light, floral, and clean, this vodka tastes smooth even at room temperature.

    Organic American wheat is married with pure water and whole, hand-processed ingredients to produce the ideal building blocks for the perfect cocktail. This TRU Organic Vodka is gluten-free and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. It is just as easy to sip as it is to make martinis and fresh ingredient cocktails. It is perfect for use as an all-around vodka. Enjoy!

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