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Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon

750ml Bottle


    Garrison Brothers
    Garrison Brothers Distillery
    53.5% Alcohol
    Hye, Texas
    Product Description

    Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon is a unique and sophisticated bourbon testament to the art of distilling. Aged four years in toasted and charred white American oak barrels, Guadalupe develops a complex profile of caramel, raspberry, cinnamon, and chocolate notes. The bourbon is transferred to imported tawny port barrels from Portugal for another two years, resulting in a sensuous, creamy liquid full of unique flavors and character.

    This 107-proof bourbon is a perfect blend of fiery crimson and fruit-forward sweetness, making it an ideal companion to a dessert or a fine meal. Guadalupe is handcrafted in Hye, Texas, using a sweet mash of #1 food-grade corn, soft red winter wheat, and barley, all sourced from Texas. Thanks to the imported tawny port casks, the result is a rich, powerful bourbon with an unrivaled sweetness in the finish.

    Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon Whiskey is a limited release, making it a sought-after gem for collectors and enthusiasts. It is a sensuous, creamy liquid. It is full of berry fruit: Ripe plums, strawberry butter on flaky morning biscuits, chocolate and cinnamon, lavender honey, toasted coffee beans, and instant drool. Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon is your dessert bourbon, and they encourage you to enjoy it in the evening, paired with your favorite chocolates.

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