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Fid Street Hawaiian Gin

750ml Bottle


    Fid Street
    Le Vecke Corporation
    45% Alcohol
    Makawao, Hawaii
    Product Description

    Fid Street Hawaiian Gin pays homage to the history by marrying the typical components of a London Dry gin with local Hawaiian ingredients. Bridging the gap between old English and American craft gin styles, Fid Street Gin is the first gin created on Maui and only the second in Hawai'i since prohibition. It is 100% neutral spirits distilled from pineapple and grain. It has crafted with eleven botanicals and Hawaiian fruit and distilled in unique glass stills.

    Reminiscent of a London Dry, Fid Street Gin is juniper-forward and exhibits a very clean and aromatic fresh-cut floral and citrus bouquet with a hint of forest air. It develops a smooth and balanced finish with notes of lavender. It is delicious enough to savor neat but bursting with Hawaiian botanicals that stand up to any cocktail mixer. Enjoy!

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